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Procedures for Inducting New Distributors
After listening to a detailed explanation from the sponsor, and after carefully reading the marketing plan and Regulation of Operation, a person who wishes to become a distributor shall personally fill in the “ORIANA LW Malaysia Sdn Bhd Distributorship Contract”.
The applicant shall prepare photocopies of his identification document and bankbook, which will then be brought by the sponsor or his upline to the nearest product shipment office for processing. (alternatively, the applicant may wish to go along).
Submit the particulars of the applicant at a product shipment office of the company; then buy the Distributor Star-Up Information Kit.
Fill in the product purchase order to start purchasing the company’s products.
After the administrative staff have verified the applicant’s particulars to be without error, the information is then stored in the computer database and a distributor authority card is issued; then the distributor number is recorded on the distributorship contract, which is then stamped with the “received & verified” seal.
Upon receiving the distributor authority card and the distributor-copy of the distributorship contract, the said person will now bear the title of a distributor who enjoys the rights as prescribed in the marketing plan, Regulations of Operations and distributorship contract, and is also subject to the restrictive authority stipulated in such regulations.
Ordering Methods
  Methods to buy ORIANA LW products as following
guidelines relating to the ordering processes.
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Order in person: You can order products in the nearest product shipment office for processing.
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Procedures for Exchange and Return of Goods
Procedures for Exchange of Goods
‧Products, sales support materials
  1-1 A distributor with a valid distributorship may request an exchange of products within 10 days from the date of product shipment.
1-2 The product to be exchanged must not have been opened, and the packaging must not be damaged in any way.
1-3The product (or sales support material) to be exchanged must be higher in price and BP value than the original product (or sales support material). If the original products had come with free gifts, these shall be returned as well.
1-4 When processing exchange of products, a distributor shall come in person to the shipment counter of the company, bringing along the invoice of the original product, personal seal and the order form of the original product. The required procedures include filling in an application form for exchange of products (Figure 6), sales discount certificate and the refund receipt.
1-5 After the purchaser has settled the price difference, he will receive the invoice and copy of product order form for the new product(s), and after he has verified the product (sales support material) quantity to be correct, the transaction is done.
‧Processing defective products
  2-1 When receiving products, a distributor should promptly examine the products being received. If any defect is found for which the company shall be liable, the defective product should be taken back to the company within 14 days along with the invoice and shipment bill to be exchanged for a new product of the same type or model. Beyond this period, the distributor shall be deemed to have agreed to accept the products.
2-2 Defective products can be exchanged for the same type/model of products, or exchanged for other products according to the first provision under “Procedures for Exchange of Goods”, but shall not be processed as the return of goods. If upon inspection, the company finds reason to believe that the defect or damage has been caused by the user’s negligence, the company has the right to refuse the said request for exchange of goods.
2-3The procedures detail filling in an application form for exchange of goods, and returning the defective goods. Once the company has verified the invoice and shipment bill, the new product will be issued.
Procedures for Return of Goods
  1 Qualifications
1-1Distributor who dissolved his contract
1-2Distributor whose contract is terminated
1-3Distributors in general
  2 Distributor who dissolved his contract
2-1 Information required for inspection
  a. Contract dissolution notice (together with distributor authority card).。
b. Application form for return of goods (attached with the original counterfoils of the product order forms and invoices).
c.Original copy of the distributorship contract.
d.Products to be returned.
  2-2 Method and scope of product return:
  a.Method: must come personally to the company headquarter or other locations designated by the company to process the said product return. Return of goods by post will not be processed.

b. Scope: unused products.
  2-3 Conditions under which the goods are not returnable:
  a. Not processed in person (although an authorization letter is given).
b. Beyond the scope of products deemed returnable (products that have been opened and used, or the quality of which has been compromised due to improper storage)
c. Products were not purchased by the person himself.
  2-4 Price calculation for returned goods:
  If a product is returned within the 10-days trial period, a full refund according to the original price will be given. If a product is returned after the 10-days trial period, then the refund price is calculated as 90% of the original price, and the actual refund is subject to deductions that include bonuses already paid to the distributor for the said purchase, and the depreciation in the value of the product due to damages for which the applicant may be found liable.
  2- 5 Procedures for bonus deduction:
  a.If the purchase had been made in the same month as the product return, the bonus deduction is made directly to the sales performance of that month.
b.If the purchase had been leftover stock from a previous month before the product is being returned, the bonus is deducted from the bonuses paid to the person himself and also his direct upline for that month when the product was bought and kept in stock.
  2-6Operation hours and refund methods:
  a. Within 30 days after the dissolution of contract, the total refundable amount shall be paid to the applicant by cheque (notwithstanding the case where the purchase was originally made by credit card).
b.If the original purchase had been made by credit card, then the refund is made directly through the credit card account. However, due to the difference in operation hours and payment request dates for different credit cards issued by different bank, if an applicant still finds the purchase listed in the bill of that month, payment should be duly made first to maintain credibility. The correction shall appear in the bill of the following month (it will appear as amount paid in excess).
c.In such cases where only some of the products purchased by credit card are being returned, the procedure in provision b is still adopted.
  2-7Supplementary clause

For products made from natural plant or animal extracts, the devaluation of a product is estimated based on the number of months left before its expiry date. A percentage ratio is determined by taking the number of months starting from the date of purchase till the date the product is returned compared to the number of months starting from the date of purchase till the date of expiry, rounding down to the lower number of months (the expiry date is labelled on the product packaging).